WDVX DJ InfoWDVX program hosts make our station great. These dedicated individuals are passionate about the music, but also about serving their communities.

Our hosts come from all walks of life. Some are volunteers and others are on staff at the station, but each WDVX DJ has a unique story to tell.

WDVX wants to create and provide content that promotes the cultural heritage of East Tennessee and the Southern Appalachians and our hosts help make that possible by serving as guides to the stories and songs.

If you’re a long-time listener, you probably recognize their voices, but do you recognize their faces?

We hope you’ll take some time and get to know our hosts better.

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  • Alex Leach

    Alex Leach hosts the Bluegrass Special each Tuesday at 7 p.m. With a penchant for the great outdoors and old times, Alex loves the… More

  • Amy Campbell

    Amy Campbell is a Knoxville native who has long been involved with efforts to tell the stories of our region, including as a former… More

  • Bobby Fulcher

    Bobby Fulcher, host of The Cumberland Trail on WDVX, has more than 25 years of experience as a park naturalist and ranger. He currently… More

  • Brent Cantrell

    Dr. Brent Cantrell has a Ph.D. in folklore, specializing in Upland South, West Africa and the Caribbean. Brent is also executive director of Jubilee… More

  • Charlie Lutz

      East Tennessee has been Charlie Lutz’ home for more than 25 years, but he is originally from Springfield, Virginia, a suburb of Washington,… More

  • Don Burggraf

    Don Burggraf is the chief wire twister and light bulb changer at WDVX. He’s been in public broadcasting since 1968, after getting burned out… More

  • Doug Lauderdale

    Rest in Peace. Our friend & original producer & brain child of “Rumble” on WDVX. December 23, 1958 – Friday, July 27, 2018 Douglas… More

  • Evie Andrus

    Evie Andrus, Saturday Blue Plate Host and First Friday Live Host, is a Midwest born and raised gal who was born with a fiddle… More

  • Grace Toensing

    A native of Toledo, Ohio, Grace moved to Tennessee in 1984 and has been with WDVX since the camper days. Grace oversees the WDVX… More

  • Hippie Jack

    Jack Stoddart (Hippie Jack) moved to the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee from South Florida in 1972 with his future wife Lynne (Mississippi) to pursue… More

  • Jay Holiday

    As a kid I would often fall asleep with a transistor radio under my pillow listening to night time Radio. After graduating from the… More

  • Jen Parker

    Jen Parker is a co-founder of Crafty Bastard Brewery and a member of Knoxville Area Brewers Association. She received her M.S. from the University… More

  • Jim Childs

    A native Tennessean, Jim was born in Memphis, but has lived in East Tennessee since the 1970s. He possesses a large, growing and diverse… More

  • Joe Bussard

    Joe Bussard joins us on Sunday nights as he brings you Tennessee Country Classics. Joe chooses rare and seldom heard selections from his vast… More

  • Johnny Mack

    Johnny Mack was born in Kansas City, Missouri, one of the blues strongholds of the industrial North in the 1940s. He was raised in… More

  • Judah & John Goodall

    Judah Goodall is WDVX’s self-described, “most talented ten year old DJ – true story” and can be found behind the mic on Saturday mornings… More

  • Katie Cauthen

    Katie happened upon her dad’s record collection at an early age, familiarizing herself with artists like Doc Watson, Norman Blake, and John Hartford. She credits… More

  • Lewell & Lora

    Lewell and Lora Molen became childhood sweethearts when Lora’s dad, Jim Dutton formed The Kentucky Grass with Lewell’s brother in law, Lawrence Lane, and… More

  • Mark Murray

    Mark Murray hosts the Americana Mix show on Saturdays between 2 and 6 PM. He feels the emphasis is definitely on the “Mix” because… More

  • Melissa Caldwell

    Born in Charleston, SC, Melissa put down some Knoxville roots in her early childhood when she spent many formative evenings at the Jubilee Center… More

  • Nelson Gullett

    Nelson Gullett was born in the deep dark hills of Eastern Kentucky in a town called Paintsville. He says Loretta Lynn’s cabin on the… More

  • Nita

    As a Tennessee girl by birth, host Nita believes that lovin’ Hillbilly music comes pretty naturally. She also enjoys many different genres, which makes… More

  • Paul Amero

      Paul started working as an intern in radio about 30 years ago. His first time on air was in an old FM station… More

  • Paul Campbell

    According to WDVX host Paul Campbell, there wasn’t one minute of Bluegrass or traditional Appalachian music on the radio in Knoxville in 1972, even… More

  • Paul West

    Paul West hails from the southern foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Alabama. His “day job” as a Geologist brought him to Knoxville in… More

  • Red Hickey

    Red Hickey, the youngest of three girls, was born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee. She went to art college in fashion design in Atlanta… More

  • Scott Carpenter

    Scott Carpenter was born and raised in Blount County, Tennessee. His folks took the family to shows all the time – from Johnny Patrick… More

  • Scott Phelps

    On Christmas Day of 1984 “Wild and Blue” host, Scott Phelps, received the album “Roll On” by country superstars, Alabama.  After countless hours of… More

  • Sean McCollough

    WDVX brought children’s radio programming back to East Tennessee on August 2011 with Kidstuff. Sean McCollough has been entertaining and educating families and school… More

  • Steve Gulley

    Steve Gulley is no stranger to bluegrass music audiences. The Cumberland Gap, Tennessee native has been entertaining folks with his own brand of music… More

  • Wayne Bledsoe

    Raised in Knoxville, Wayne Bledsoe grew up listening to Hank Williams on 78-rpm records, James Brown’s Knoxville-based soul radio station WJBE, as well as… More

  • Wendy Smith

    As a child, Wendy Smith would lie in bed with the radio and listen to all the different stations and music she could pick… More