Red Hickey

Red Hickey

Red Hickey, the youngest of three girls, was born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee. She went to art college in fashion design in Atlanta and London, England, and worked in the fashion industry as an assistant designer for a lingerie manufacturer. She also spent many years in the sign industry specializing in everything from Braille to vinyl graphics. During her 15 years in Atlanta, Red was part of the ‘Redneck Underground’ which regularly frequented honky tonks seeing many of the bands she now plays on the air.

When she moved back to Tennessee, she wanted to be part of WDVX and started volunteering on Freddy Smith’s show. Station manager Tony Lawson offered her a classic country show called Hillbilly Fever on Thursday nights. Several months later she joined WDVX daily.

“I used to make g-strings now I play them. For fun I play in a band That Girl Band and that keeps me busy. I like junk stores. I collect western memorabilia. I also have large Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer and Dukes Of Hazzard collections. I enjoy camping and motorcycle riding. Mostly, I love seeing bands at honky tonks and bluegrass festivals. If I haven’t found the perfect job for a gal like me then “grits ain’t groceries.”

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