Amy Campbell

Amy Campbell

Amy Campbell is an independent producer, creator, and host of 2 shows that are aired on WDVX, Sweetgrass “The softer side of Bluegrass” and “The Tennessee Farm Table Podcast & Broadcast.” These 2 shows air weekly, Saturday mornings from 9:00 until 10:00. Amy is a Knoxville native who has been involved with WDVX in a volunteer capacity since 1996 before, during, and after “The Camper”. Amy has designed the WDVX logo, bunches of WDVX merchandise projects, for a few years she hosted “Cumberland Sunday Morning” and also for several years co-hosted the Clinch River Breakdown. A lifelong farming, Bluegrass, Classic Country and Mountain Music fan, fine artist, and magazine co-publisher, Amy values the importance of sharing the “sounds and stories” of East Tennessee for future generations. In her programming, Amy strives to preserve the foodways, history, music, art and stories of the East Tennessee region.

Photo: Amy Campbell portrait by LCPierpont Photography

Amy Campbell’s programs:

The Tennessee Farm Table Podcast & Broadcast

Sweetgrass, the Softer Side of Bluegrass

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Amy Campbell – Founder, producer of the “The Tennessee Farm Table” Podcast & Broadcast. Fine Artist & Graphic Designer.


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Amy Campbell’s Programs

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