Operations/Development Director

Reports to: WDVX General Manager

Full Time Position


WDVX is seeking a highly motivated Operations/Development Director that works with the General Manager on defining and managing WDVX operations.  This position includes developing and overseeing a system of daily fundraising that includes major fund drives.

This is a strong opportunity to build on the future of a very established regional community radio station with a strong worldwide brand through the popular webcast.

This is a high profile position with the director attending community and business events and working with General Manager, staff and volunteers on a daily basis to construct and implement station operating strategy.

Job Responsibilities:

  1. OPERATIONS – This includes all compliance with the FCC, State and local governments, all things compliant to rules and regs of Visit Knoxville and rental agreement, work with engineering on EAS compliance
  2. DEVELOPMENT – Oversee and provide guidance in all fundraising campaigns, daily fundraising strategy, social media and newsletter development and merchandise. Work in concert with General Manager and Business Manager to develop underwriting strategy and to recruit business support. Administer and maintain all grant applications and resources including the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, The Tennessee Arts Commission and more. Research and recruit new grant opportunities for WDVX related activities and operations
  3. Community Relations. Actively represent WDVX in the greater East Tennessee Community and beyond, regularly meeting with alliances and new prospects to insure and improve relationships and discover new funding opportunities for WDVX



Thorough knowledge of the FCC Non Commercial Operations Manual that includes FCC rules and regs for not for profits. Familiarity with radio station operations and systems that provide a team atmosphere and good chemistry with staff and volunteers. Other desired skills and characteristics include: Social Media, leadership and relationship-building, oral and written communication

A minimum of five years experience in Radio Station Development and Management is required. Bachelor’s Degree in broadcasting, marketing or business preferred


$50,000 annual salary plus 15% commission on contracted and collected underwriting support, bonuses for meeting and exceeding fundraising goals. Insurance and benefits package is available after three months of employment

Send resume and letter to General Manager Tony Lawson at tlawson@wdvx.com


WDVX is an Equal Opportunity Employer

EEO Statement:

WDVX/Cumberland Communities Communications Corporation is an equal opportunity employer.




 Blue Plate Special Internships

We have four unpaid internship positions at WDVX. Each internship typically lasts one semester (Fall/Spring) or through the Summer. The positions are as follows:

Production (2 positions) – Assist with day to day operations of the Blue Plate Special (BPS). This includes (but is not limited to) helping with artist load-in/parking, setting up audio equipment, and recording, editing, indexing and archiving performances. Hours are approximately 10:30a-2:30p M-S.

Marketing (1 position) – Assist WDVX staff with marketing the BPS at a grass-roots level. Responsibilities include updating/editing social media sites and interfacing with local area businesses and media outlets to garner as much attention as possible for the BPS. Hours are generally flexible.

Syndication (1 position) – Assist WDVX staff and production interns with editing, archiving and posting BPS shows to online distribution sites which allow other radio stations/media outlets to access syndicated material. Hours are flexible.

 If you are interested in  a Blue Plate Special internship contact Tony Lawson at tlawson@wdvx.com.

To volunteer at events – volunteer@wdvx.com or with the programming department or in the office contact info@wdvx.com. It all happens, thanks to you!



Cumberland Communities Communications Corporation/WDVX is an equal rights employer and is committed to treating all individuals equally regardless of differences in race, color, national and geographic origin, religion, age, gender, gender identity, physical ability, sexual orientation, language, socioeconomics, marital status, veteran status, and viewpoint.