Grace Toensing

Grace Toensing

A native of Toledo, Ohio, Grace moved to Tennessee in 1984 and has been with WDVX since the camper days. Grace oversees the WDVX website and produces many of the photos and graphic designs on WDVX posters, tickets, and social media.

Here’s a note from Grace:

Check this out! A fella wrote a song about WDVX & me. When I first caught wind of this I thought… odd. But okay, I guess. He sent me a mp3 file & I thought “WOW” that’s really cool! I told him he should make a video so I could link my page to it. I expected to see some guy with a guitar singing the song but to my surprise it was more than that. Totally awesome! Come to find out this Mark Radice character has toured with folks like Cheap Trick & Aerosmith, wrote songs that have been recorded by people like Frankie Valli, Barbra Streisand, Barry Manilow and wrote & recorded for Sesame Street… The list goes on and on. Be sure to subscribe to his You Tube Channel!  Pretty cool aye! Check him & this crazy little video out. He also joined me in the studio when he released his Audio Quicksand cd. Big fun! Thank you Mr. Radice!


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