During past funddrives, you have heard voices of musicians and listeners on the air, sharing stories about why they love WDVX. That could be you! All you need is love for WDVX and the use of a smartphone. Record it on the voice memo app and send it in!

We’d like to know:

What keeps you listening? Why is WDVX important to you? And if you’re a member, why do you support WDVX?

Spend a minute or two writing down what you want to say or bullet points that you want to cover, then follow this format.

Hi, this is ……. From ……

Tell your story

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Thank you for your support of East Tennessee’s Own.

Some sample testimonials:

How do you participate?
Send an email to awilliams@wdvx.com with your voice memo attached. WDVX is looking for voice memos that are 2 minutes or less.

Thanks so much!