Real Live Music comes back to the Blue Plate Special three days a week, each Wednesday through Friday, starting on Wednesday, June 23rd. On these days we are featuring vintage WDVX recordings of The WDVX Blue Plate Special.

Tuesday 6/1 Lonesome River Band, David Ramirez

Wednesday 6/2 The Ragbirds, Billy Burnette, Twangtown Paramours

Thursday 6/3 Mountain Soul, Chip Taylor, Tui

Friday 6/4 Red June, Katie Powderley w/ Josh Oliver

Saturday 6/5 The Doc Marshalls, Elenowen, Jonathan McEuen

Monday 6/7 Boy Named Banjo, Kevin Abernathy, Drew Gibson

Tuesday 6/8 Twilite Broadcasters, Brigette DeMeyer, The Shootouts

Wednesday 6/9 Paleface, Caitlin Rose, The Cerny Brothers

Thursday 6/10 Milagro Saints, Matt Bauer & Dana Falconberry, Dalton Mills

Friday 6/11 Joy Kills Sorrow, Andy Zip, Mandy Barnett

Saturday 6/12 Count This Penny, Hiroya Tsukamoto, PJ Pacifico

Monday 6/14 Po Girl, Tyler Lyle, April Verch

Tuesday 6/15 David Wax Museum, Steve Forbert, Kasey Anderson

Wednesday 6/16 Paper Bird, Lilly Hiatt,  Red Mountain Jug Band

Thursday 6/17 The Trishas, Red Dirt Rangers,  South for Winter

Friday 6/18 Brand New Strings, Don Rigsby, Sara Jean Kelley

Saturday 6/19 Mollie O’Brien & Rich Moore, Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen, Mutlu

Monday 6/21 Abe Partridge,Rhiannon Giddens & Francesco Turrisi, Ghost of Paul Revere

Tuesday 6/22 Blue Yonder, Tray Dahl & The Jugtime Ragband, Annie Keating

Saturday 6/26 Phil Lee, The Lively Exchange, Will Overman

Monday 6/28 Victoria Jones,Kacy & Clayton, Strong Water

Tuesday 6/29 Angela Easterling, Dallas Moore, Tenth Mountain Division


Saturday 7/3 Barefoot Movement, Tara Mills, Villa Mure

Monday 7/5 Stephen Bennett, Larry Sparks, Old City Buskers

Tuesday 7/6 Sparky and Rhonda Rucker, Beausoleil, Pierce Edens

Saturday 7/10 The War and Treaty, into the fog, Amythyst Kiah

Monday 7/12 John Nemeth, Marcus King

Tuesday 7/13 The Roys, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Tabibito

Saturday 7/17 The Singer and The Songwriter, High South, Tony Harrah


Saturday 5/1 The Chapin Sisters, Jon Whitlock Trio, The Jank

Monday 5/3, Larry Sparks, Stephen Bennett, Old City Buskers

Tuesday 5/4, Grace Pettis, Cahalen Morrison & Eli West, The Nouveaux Honkies

Wednesday 5/5, Matt Costa, Larry Keel & Natural Bridge, Ted Drozdowski’s Coyote Motel

Thursday 5/6, Jill Andrews, Danger Muffin, Nick & Luke

Friday 5/7, Beausoleil, Sparky & Ronda Rucker, Pierce Edens

Saturday 5/8, Rising Appalachia, Pine Mountain Railroad, Szlachetka

Monday 5/10 Chris Jones, Carbon Leaf, Over the Rhine

Tuesday 5/11 The Steel Wheels, The Royal Hounds, Martha Scanlon

Wednesday 5/12 The Biscuit Burners, The National Reserve

Thursday 5/13 Steve Gunn, Caroline Spence

Friday 5/14 EmiSunshine and the Rain, Grizzly Goat, Dave Shoemaker

Saturday 5/15 Caleb Stine & Honeydew Drops, Spinney Brothers

Monday 5/17 Abbie Gardner (of Red Molly), The Everybodyfields

Tuesday 5/18 Caleb Caudle, JB Beverly & the Wayward Drifters

Wednesday 5/19 James Leva, Stacy Earle & Mark Stewart

Thursday 5/20 Hayes Carll, Lost Mountain Stringband

Friday 5/21 Will Kimbrough, Last Train Home

Saturday 5/22 Shiftless Rounders, Luther Wright w Shiftless Rounders, Choro da Manha

Monday 5/24 Devan Jones & the Uptown Stomp, Jonah Tolchin, Harpeth Rising

Tuesday 5/25 Audie Blaylock & Redline, Walt Wilkins, Bess Rogers

Wednesday 5/26 Tennessee Sheiks, Kelsey Waldon, Sky Steele

Thursday 5/27 Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, Montana Skies

Friday 5/28 Lonely Wild, Dehlia Low, The Abbey Elmore Band

Saturday 5/29 Barry & Holly Tashian, JIll Jack, Lakeside

Monday Memorial Day 5/31 Ben Sollee, Suitcase Junket, Von Grey


Thursday 4/1 Kenny Vaughan Trio, The Wolff Sisters and the Last Cavalry, Nalani Proctor

Friday, 4/2 Crowe Brothers, Season Ammons, These Wild Plains

Saturday 4/3 Martha Scanlan, Cecil Allen Moore, Shake It Like a Caveman

Monday, 4/5 Kacy & Clayton, Strong Water, Victoria Jones

Tuesday, 4/6 Jon Dee Graham, Savannah Smith, Little River Creek Police

Wednesday, 4/7 Adrianne Lenker & Buck Meek, Kate Vargas & the Reckless Daughters, November Blue

Thursday, 4/8 Dallas Moore, Angela Easterling, Tenth Mountain Division

Friday, 4/9 Jerry Salley, Boo Ray, Jackie & the Racket

Saturday, 4/10 Cliff Eberhardt, Aubrie Sellers, The Mighty Train Wrecks

Monday, 4/12 Nickel Creek, All Day Radio, Alice Wallace

Tuesday, 4/13 Melissa Carper & Rebecca Patek, The Steel Blossoms, Jenner Fox

Wednesday 4/14 Appalachia Waltz Trio (Mark O’Connor), Pat Reedy & the Longtime Goners, Darling West

Thursday 4/15 Greg Brown & Bo Ramsey, Michael Martin Murphy, OneBeat

Friday 4/16 Valerie Smith, Harpdog Brown, Seth Power

Saturday 4/17 Julie Lee and Sarah Siskind

Monday 4/19 Mike Seeger, The Wilders, Sunriver

Tuesday 4/20 Jesse Malin, Tessa Lark, The Trainjumpers

Wednesday 4/21 Darlingside, The Family Sowell, Tyler Meacham

Thursday 4/22 Ivan and Alyosha (Al ee oh sha), Emily Scott Robinson, Susto

Friday 4/23 Spirit Family Reunion, California Howdy

Saturday 4/24 Beppe Gambetta, Just Us Bluegrass Band, Super Doppler

Monday 4/26, Jon Byrd and Amelia White in the round

Tuesday 4/27 Buzz Cason, The Tenos Family Band, Ancient City

Wednesday 4/28 Jonny Corndawg, Vaden Landers Band, Kristen Andreassen

Thursday 4/29 The Barefoot Movement, Villa Mure, Tara Mills

Friday 4/30 Vince Herman & Drew Emmitt, Scott Southworth


Monday, 3/1 The Montvales, Soulfinger, Reverend Freakchild

Tuesday 3/2 Jason Lee Wilson & James County, Esther Rose, Adam Whipple

Wednesday 3/3 Tray Dahl & the Jugtime Ragband, Blue Yonder, Annie Keating

Thursday3/4 Mark and Maggie O’Connor, The Octanes, MaryBragg

Friday 3/5 Twisted Pine, Shawn Byrne, Johnson City Ramblers

Saturday 3/6 Phil Lee, The Lively Exchange, Will Overman Band

Monday, 3/8 Andrea & Mudd, Sweet Lillies, and Dead Horses

Tuesday, 3/9 Charley Crockett, Shannon LaBrie & Jess Nolan, Black Eyed Susans

Wednesday, 3/10 The Mastersons, Jake Penrod

Thursday, 3/11 The Betty Fox Band, Bob Sinclair & the Big Deals, Sean McConnell

Friday, 3/12 Jesse Daniel, Eric Bolander Trio, Goldheart

Saturday, 3/13 Chris West and Keith Garrett, The Matchsellers, My Brothers Keeper

Monday, 3/15 Nels Andrews, Grain Thief,  Mean Mary

Tuesday, 3/16 Lovell Sisters, Grassroots Gringos, Graham Stone

Wednesday, 3/17 Altan, Cutthroat Shamrock, Chamomile & Whiskey

Thursday, 3/18 The War & Treaty, Into the Fog, Amythyst Kiah

Friday, 3/19 Grant Farm, The Bittersweets

Saturday, 3/20 Dixie Bee-Liners, Scott McMahan, Somebody’s Darling

Monday 3/22 Mando Saenz, Mike & the Moonpies, Doctor Ocular

Tuesday, 3/23 Old Salt Union, Christian Lopez, Willy Tea Taylor

Wednesday, 3/24 Marc Olson,Whiskey Shivers, with segments from “Raised in Knoxville”

Thursday, 3/25 Leftover Salmon, Sideline, with segments from “Raised in Knoxville”

Friday, 3/26 Tyler Childers, Roy Bookbinder, Handsome and the Humbles

Saturday, 3/27 Valerie June, Moot Davis, Flying Buffaloes

Monday 3/29 Aaron Lee Tasjan, The Roys, Tabibito

Tuesday 3/30 Henry Wagons, Chain Station, Soundproof

Wednesday 3/31 Gangstagrass, Katy Free, The Turkey Buzzards

Monday, 2/1 Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards, Swingin Hammers

Tuesday, 2/2 Four Leaf Peat, Anna Helmes Quartet

Wednesday, 2/3 Cary Morin, All the Locals

Thursday, 2/4 Tim O’Brien, The Gin Rickys

Friday, 2/5 The Quebe Sisters, Josiah & the Greater Good

Saturday, 2/6 Jamie McLean Band, Honeysuckle

Monday 2/8 Tim Easton, Monkey Junk, The Honey Dewdrops

Tuesday 2/9 Songs from the Road Band, Stephane Wrembel, Mustered Courage

Wednesday 2/10 Grayson Capps, Stary Olsa, T Sisters

Thursday 2/11 Gretchen Peters, Serene Green, Paul Lee Kupfer

Friday 2/12 Wild Ponies, Les Rogers, Roger Alan Wade

Saturday 2/13 Michelle Malone, King Taylor Project, The Dupont Brothers

Monday, 2/15 Newtown, Lazer Lloyd, Hello Strangers

Tuesday, 2/16 Malcomb Holcombe, Daniel Miller, Missy Raines & the New Hip

Wednesday, 2/17 La Terza Classe, The Local Honeys, Clive Carroll & Lilly Neill

Thursday, 2/18 Sistren, Robinson Treacher, Minos the Saint

Friday, 2/19 Abby Spoon Lady & Chris Rodregues, Marquee Mayfield, Humbird

Saturday, 2/20 High South, The Singer & the Songwriter, Tony Harra

Monday, 2/22- Devil Makes 3, Caroline Keller Band

Tuesday, 2/23- South Carolina BroadCasters, Mighty Blue, Carl Anderson

Wednesday, 2/24- Seth Walker, Kyle Lacy & Harlem River Noise, Brothers Landreth

Thursday, 2/25- Rhiannon Giddens & Francesco Turrissi, Abe Partridge, Ghost of Paul Revere

Friday, 2/26- Adam Wakefield, Nick & Luke, Pale Root

Saturday, 2/27 King & Associates, Tim White & Troublesome Hollow, Lowland Hum


Friday 1/1/21 – Rodney Crowell (oct. 2006)

Saturday 1/2/21 – Marty Stuart (2005)

Monday 1/4/21 – Scott Miller/David Grisman 2006  + Sam Bush preview

Tuesday 1/5/21 – Sam Bush 2006 + Greencards preview

Wednesday 1/6/21 – The Greencards 2005 + Chris Scruggs preview

Thursday 1/7/21 – Chris Scruggs 2005 + Malcolm Holcombe preview

Friday 1/8/21 – Malcolm Holcombe  + String Cheese preview

Saturday 1/9/21 – String Cheese Incident 2006  + The Earl Brothers 2005

Monday 1/11/21 -Earl Brothers, Skeleton Coast (preview)

Tuesday 1/12/21 – Skeleton Coast, Jonathan Maness (preview)

Wednesday 1/13 – Jonathan Maness, Amy Speace (preview)

Thursday 1/14/21 – Amy Speace, Cadillac Sky (preview)

Friday 1/15/21 – Cadillac Sky, Jamie Lavall & Ashley Broder (preview)

Saturday 1/16/21 –  Jamie Laval & Ashley Broder, Luminescent Orchestrii (preview)

Monday 1/18 Marcus King Band, John Nemeth

Tuesday 1/19 Nora Jane Struthers & Joe Overton, The Brother Brothers

Wednesday 1/20 Circus #9, Travis Linville

Thursday 1/21 The Steel Wheels, The Royal Hounds, Martha Scanlon

Friday 1/22 Mipso, Darrell Webb Band, Robinella

Saturday 1/23 Sam Lewis Trio, Phil Leadbetter & Friends

Monday 1/25 Richard Shindell, Blue Mother Tupelo

Tuesday 1/26 – Dylan LeBlanc, Sam Morrow, Flatt Lonesome

Wednesday 1/27 – Michael Reno Harrell, Andy Pirkle

Thursday 1/28 – Greg Garing, Dave Eggar, Front Country

Friday 1/29 – Jason Eady, Charlie Parr, Jaime Lin Wilson

Saturday 1/30 – Jim Lauderdale, Red Shoes and Rosin


Tuesday 12/1 – Two Man Gentlemen Band, Boulder Acoustic Society

Wednesday 12/2 – Brother John Myers Band, Will Kimbrough & Tommy Womack

Thursday 12/3 – Angel Snow, The New Familiars, Robby Hecht

Friday 12/4 – Cornmeal, The Hackensaw Boys

Saturday 12/5 – Kate Campbell, Ian Thomas

Monday 12/7 – Jeff Coffin Mu’tet, Cruz Contreras

Tuesday 12/8 – Terraplane Drifters, Ben Maney & the Counting Sheep

Wednesday 12/9 – Barbara Lamb, Danny Barnes, Matt Kinman

Thursday 12/10 – Trampled by Turtles, Jay Clark & the CC Stringband, Y’uns

Friday 12/11 – Red Stick Ramblers, The Tillers, Centralia Massacre

Saturday 12/12 – Donna The Buffalo, Pokey LaFarge

Monday 12/14 – Wylie & the Wild West(05), Jimmy Ibbotson(06)

Tuesday 12/15 – Slaid Cleaves, Rod Picott,  Jennifer Brantley (06)

Wednesday 12/16 – Jen Duke, Chris Knight (06)

Thursday 12/17 – Darrell Scott, Lori Willcut (06)

Friday 12/18 – Duhks, Christabel & the Jons (06)

Saturday 12/19.- Sarah Schwabe, Truckstop Honeymoon (06)

Monday 12/21 – Darrell Webb(05), David Dawg Grisman (06)

Tuesday 12/22 – Wade Hill, TN Schmaltz (08)

Wednesday 12/23 – Ollabelle, Lonesome Coyotes (06)

Thursday 12/24 – Todd Steed & the Christmas Sons (06)

Friday 12/25 – A special Merry Christmas BPS with Bill Mize!

Saturday 12/26 – Jim Lauderdale, Mary Gauthier (06)

Monday 12-28 – Natti Lovejoys(05), Michael Reno Harrell (06)

Tuesday 12/29 –  Uncle Earl(05), Lonesome Coyotes (06)

Wednesday 12/30 – Chatham County Line (06), Melonie Cannon

Thursday 12/31/20 – Paul Williams & Victory Trio + preview Rodney Crowell

Monday 11/2 : Billy Burnette. Steel Wheels, Blackberry Smoke

Tuesday 11/3 : Mary Gauthier, Girls Guns & Glory, Miss Tess

Wednesday 11/4 : Eric Brace & Peter Cooper, Foghorn Trio, The Carper Family

Thursday 11/5 : Kevin Welch, Dave Eggar, Yarn

Friday 11/6 : Matt Flinner, Kenny & Amanda Smith, Sweetback Sisters

Saturday 11/7 : Joan Osborne, New Country Rehab

Monday 11/9 : The Mastersons, Joe Moss, Kellin Watson

Tuesday 11/10 : Sarah Morgan, Laura Cortese, April Verch

Wednesday 11/11 : Aoife O’Donovan, Paul Thorn, John Driskell Hopkins & Balsam Range

Thursday : 11/12 : Big Jon & the Nationals, Carolyn Martin Swing Band, Jonathan Scales Fourchestra

Friday 11/13 : Casey Driessen, Mandolin Orange, Sturgill Simpson

Saturday 11/14 : Underhill Rose, Open the Door for Three, Band of Heathens

Monday : 11/16 : Betse Ellis, The Coalmen, The Cactus Blossoms

Tuesday 11/17 : Chris Lee, David Grier, Richard Smith

Wednesday 11/18 : Bradford Lee Folk, Chuck Mead, Dale Watson

Thursday 11/19 : Roy Bookbinder, Robbie Hecht, The Tillers

Friday 11/20 : RB Morris, Scott Miller, St. Paul & the Broken Bones

Saturday 11/21 : John Paul Keith, Sean Watkins, Shonna Tucker

Monday 11/23 : Chris Kasper, Vinegar Creek Constituency, Enter the Haggis

Tuesday 11/24 : Jefferson Ross, JD Wilkes & The Dirt Daubers

Wednesday 11/25 : Melody Walker & Jacob Groopman, The Littlest Birds, Deep Dark Woods

Thursday 11/26 : (Thanksgiving – visit to Alice’s Restaurant @ noon)

Friday 11/27 : Jake Shimabukuro, Panfish, River Whyless

Saturday 11/28 : Uptown Stomp, Jonah Smith, Amy Lavere

Monday 11/30 : Little Country Giants, Leah Gardner, Dom Flemons


Thursday 10/1 : Chapin Sisters, Cahalen Morrison & Eli West, Larry Sparks

Friday 10/2 : Paleface, Darlingside, James Wallace & The Naked Light

Saturday 10/3 : Mandolin Orange, Toy Soldiers, Emmitt Nershi Band

Monday 10/5 : Rod Picott, Whiskey Bent Valley Boys, Doyle Lawson

Tuesday 10/6 : Milkdrive, Grass Pistols, Ben Sollee

Wednesday 10/7 : Blue Plate Special “Prime Cuts” edition

Thursday 10/8 : Blue Plate Special “Prime Cuts” edition part two

Friday 10/9 : Blue Plate Special “Prime Cuts” edition part three

Saturday 10/10 : Amy Speace, Boca Chica, Tony Furtado

Monday 10/12 : Ted Russell Kamp, Tim & Myles Thompson, Michael Cleveland

Tuesday 10/13 : Town Mountain, Sunday Valley

Wednesday 10/14 : Dom Flemons, Brand New Strings, Anne McCue

Thursday 10/15 : Dirk Powell, John Doyle, Wallace Coleman

Friday 10/16 : RB Morris, Marshall Chapman, Scott Miller, Fred Eaglesmith

Saturday 10/17 : Abigail Washburn, Woody Pines, Blue Moon Rising

Monday 10/19 : Christabel & the Jons, Angel Snow, The Jompson Brothers

Tuesday 10/20 : Red Molly, Cherryholmes, 18 South

Wednesday 10/21 : Danny Barnes, Sam Quinn, John Cowan

Thursday 10/22 : Mary Gauthier, Bottle Rockets, David Olney & Sergio Webb

Friday 10/23 : Tommy Emmanuel, Special Consensus, The Tillers

Saturday 10/24 : Chuck Brodsky, Carolina Chocolate Drops, The Congress

Monday 10/26 : Jason Lee Wilson, Shannon Whitworth, Hot Club of Cowtown

Tuesday 10/27 : Scott Miller, The Fabulous Ginn Sisters

Wednesday 10/28 : James McMurtry, Allen Thompson, Wylie & The Wild West

Thursday 10/29 : Pearl & The Beard, The Defibulators, Cutthroat Shamrock

Friday 10/30 : John Oates, David Peterson & Charlie Cushman, The Bowmans

Saturday 10/31 : Spooky Ooos and the Royal Hounds


Tuesday 9/1 : Nora Jane Struthers & Joe Overton, Doug Strahan (preview), Driftwood

Wednesday 9/2 : Richard Shindell, The Danberrys (preview), Doug Strahan & The Good Neighbors

Thursday 9/3 : Minor Moon, William Matheny (preview), The Danberrys

Friday 9/4 : Clay Parker & Jody James, The Royal Hounds (preview), William Matheny

Saturday 9/5 : Jubal, The Brother Brothers, The Royal Hounds

Monday 9/7 (Labor Day) : Warren Byrom, Mipso (preview), Steel Wheels

Tuesday 9/8 : Cricket Tell The Weather, Mic Harrison (preview), Mipso

Wednesday 9/9 : Brian Sutherland, Sam Lewis (preview), Mic Harrison & The High Score

Thursday 9/10 : Chris Moyse, Blond Bones (preview), Sam Lewis

Friday 9/11 : Drew Gibson, Julie Christensen & Stone Cold Cupid, Blond Bones

Saturday 9/12 : Joseph Huber, Dylan LeBlanc

Monday 9/14 : Young Mister, Bella Hardy (preview), Soggy Po Boys

Tuesday 9/15 : Charlie Parr, Jason Eady (preview), Bella Hardy

Wednesday 9/16 : Hannah Aldridge, Katie Hargrove (preview), Jason Eady

Thursday 9/17 : Catherine the Great, Sweet Megg & the Wayfarers (preview), Katy Hargrove

Friday 9/18 : Robinson and Rohe, Mike Barnett (preview), Sweet Megg & the Wayfarers

Saturday 9/19 : The Belle Hollows, Mike Barnett and Friends

Monday 9/21: Phil Leadbetter & Steve Gulley, Ragged Union

Tuesday 9/22: Freddy and Francine, Kelly Jarrard, India Ramey

Wednesday 9/23 : Anais Mitchell, Jay Clark, Carolina Road

Thursday 9/24 : Bonnie Whitmore, Eric Brace & Peter Cooper, Yarn

Friday 9/25 : Whitehorse, Lydia Loveless, Blackberry Smoke

Saturday 9/26 : Tim O’Brien, Milkdrive, Joan Osborne

Monday 9/28 : Kenny & Amanda Smith, Jonathan Edwards, Great Barrier Reefs

Tuesday 9/29 : Lera Lynn, The Mastersons, New Country Rehab

Wednesday 9/30 : Girls Guns & Glory, Sugar and the Hi-Lows, Sweetback Sisters


Saturday 8/1 : Kevin Gordon, Sarah Potenza

Monday 8/3 : David Benedict & Michael Moore, Leah Gardner, Robbie Fulks & friends

Tuesday 8/4 : Mark Mandeville & Raianne Richards, Emily Kate Boyd, Dave Eggar & Mario Diaz

Wednesday 8/5 : Tony Furtado, Claire Lynch (preview), The Howlin’ Brothers

Thursday 8/6 : Luther Dickinson, Lamplight Blues Sessions (preview), JD Simo

Friday 8/7 : John Alvis Band, Red Shoes & Rosin, Lamplight Blues Sessions

Saturday 8/8 : Minton Sparks, John Jorgenson, Victor Krummenacher

Monday 8/10 : Lowell Levinger (Banana from the Youngbloods), Christabel & the Jons

Tuesday 8/11 : Brandy Zdan, Chad Elliott, Cactus Blossoms

Wednesday 8/12 : Frontier, Jamie Lin Wilson, Up the Chain

Thursday 8/13 : New 76ers, Sam Gleaves (preview), The Vivants

Friday 8/14 : Sam Gleaves, Blue Eyed Bettys, Roochie Toochie & The Ragtime Shepherd Kings

Saturday 8/15 : Daniel Champagne, Muriel Anderson (preview), Jon Hatchett Band

Monday 8/17 : Parker Hastings, Local Honeys (preview), Darrell Scott

Tuesday 8/18 : Muriel Anderson, Dunderhead (preview), Local Honeys

Wednesday 8/19 : Austin Lucas, Guy Marshall (preview), 5AM Rumble Strip

Thursday 8/20 : Guy Marshall, Mile Twelve

Friday 8/21 : Tim Easton, Mick McAuley (preview) Tami Neilson

Saturday 8/22 : Mick McAuley, Roger Alan Wade (preview), Future Thieves

Monday 8/24 : Roger Alan Wade, Rod Melancon (preview), the Get Right Band

Tuesday 8/25 : Nellen Dryden, Grant Farm (preview), Rod Melancon

Wednesday 8/26 : Way Down Wanderers, Jeremy Pinnell (preview), Grant Farm

Thursday 8/27 : Dave Kennedy, The Wooks (preview), Jeremy Pinnell

Friday 8/28 : Hymn for Her, Sierra Hull (preview), The Wooks

Saturday 8/29 : Tim Stafford, Three Star Revival (preview), Sierra Hull

Monday 8/31 : Finn Magill & Paul McKenna, Three Star Revival


Friday 7/3 : Willy Tea Taylor, Chuck Mead (solo), Charlie Greene

Saturday 7/4: *FOURTH OF JULY* Melonie Cannon, Shawn Camp

Monday 7/6 : Cary Morin, Stevie Tombstone, Red Dirt Revelators

Tuesday 7/7 : Greg Horne Band, Kristin Andreassen (preview), Seryn

Wednesday 7/8 : Channing & Quinn, Old Man Luedecke, Greensky Bluegrass

Thursday 7/9 : Kristin Andreassen, Erin Inglish, Dale Watson

Friday 7/10 : JD & The Straight Shot, The Lowest Pair, Darin & Brooke Aldridge

Saturday 7/11 : Fireside Collective, Mike McGill, Four Leaf Peat

Monday 7/13 : Amy Speace, Jon Whitlock, Ultrafaux

Tuesday 7/14 : Evie Ladin & Keith Terry, Jim Myers, Whiskey Bent Valley Boys

Wednesday 7/15 : Darren Bradbury, Natasha Borzilova, Buffalo Wabs & the Price Hill Hustle

Thursday 7/16 : Low Cut Connie, Matt Foster, New Country Rehab

Friday 7/17 : Kenny George Band, The Plate Scrapers, Front Country

Saturday 7/18 : Sam Lewis, Ward Harrison, Saint Francis Band

Monday 7/20 : Donna Hopkins, Dusty 45’s

Tuesday 7/21 : Sarah Morgan, Tom Cordle, Vanesse Thomas

Wednesday 7/22 : This Way to EGRESS, Amy Andrews, Blackfoot Gypsies

Thursday 7/23 : Joshua Powell & the Great Train Robbery, Cicada Rhythm, the Greyhounds

Friday 7/24 : Brooks & John, Jon Stickley Trio

Saturday 7/25 : Sinners & Saints, Shawn Taylor, Artidir

Monday 7/27 : Caleb Stine, the Honey Dewdrops, the Pine Box Boys

Tuesday 7/28 : Beth McKee, Bark, Choctaw Wildfire

Wednesday 7/29 : Brian Whelan, Jimmy Davis, Margo Price

Thursday 7/30 : Michael Reno Harrell, Molly Parden, Woody Pines

Friday 7/31 : Pirates’s Canoe, Drumartica, Martin Harley