Join us on Friday, March 3rd as we kick off the fund drive with an All-Day Blue Plate Special! For more information, check out the event details here.


Twenty years is a long time, but thanks to you, we made it! With your help, WDVX has survived for twenty years on air (and we’re ready to go for another twenty!). Over the last two decades, we’ve gone through a lot of transitions (from camper to Visitors Center and everything in between), and we’re excited to celebrate all of that history throughout the year with our WDVX Music Archive, Camperfest, and other surprises we have in store (mark your calendars for a twentieth anniversary celebration this fall!).

Because WDVX is 62% listener and local business supported, we need your help. We’ve kept the music going for twenty years now – so help us keep it going for another twenty!

How can we thank you for your support? Check out our new premium items below!

To donate online, use the links below – or call us at 865.544.1029 today!