WDVX Kidstuff Host Sean McCollough Shares St. James Sessions with Knox County Students

WDVX Kidstuff radio host and teaching artist Sean McCollough has teamed up with South Knoxville Elementary School and the Arts and Heritage Fund for an exciting project which will share the music and history of the Knoxville Sessions with a group local students. Sean_Kidstuff_Photo_small

Not only will students have a chance to learn more about the lost music of East Tennessee, they will also have the opportunity to attend the Knoxville Stomp festival to perform with McCollough.

Sean McCollough has been working as a teaching artist in schools for over two decades. This is the second residency that he has done through WDVX Kidstuff.

The first was at White Oak Elementary school in Campbell County. Those students performed with Sean at the Louie Bluie Festival and the project was a big success.

Through cooperation with South Knoxville Elementary school’s music teacher Patricia Dueber, Sean will work with all of the K-5 students at the school between now and the festival.

He will teach them about the St. James Sessions, the musicians that were part of the sessions, and other music from that time period.

Sean will also teach them specific songs for them to perform with him at the Knoxville Stomp festival. They will sing and play rhythm instruments (and possibly demonstrate folk dancing and play-party games). The performance will include actual songs that were recorded at the sessions, other songs by the artists from the sessions and songs from the same time period.


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