WDVX Experience Podcast 1 : Chris Jones

This is the WDVX Experience  – sharing special moments in the 20 year history of  East Tennessee’s Own WDVX.

This podcast features WDVX fans, volunteers, staff, musicians and special guests sharing a special time they had with WDVX. For this experience Tony Lawson discusses the first live performance on WDVX in 1997 before the camper with Chris Jones.


1 thought on “WDVX Experience Podcast 1 : Chris Jones”

  1. John Bartmess says:

    A year or two into into WDVX’s history, I was listening in the car on a Sunday afternoon, and heard a voice I recognized as John Hartford. “Oh, they’re playing a tape of an interview”… and after a couple minutes, I realized it was *live*, and Hartford was Right There In The Trailer. That was the moment I understood that WDVX had made the Big Time.

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