Volunteer Opportunities at WDVX | Ijams Meadow Lark Music Festival!


Meadow Lark Music Festival is fun, but volunteering is even more fun!

When: Saturday, June 25 (noon-11 pm)
Where: Ijams Nature Center

Take a look at the volunteer positions that are available & send an email to volunteers@wdvx.com if you’re interested in helping out!

Security  – 

This position is basically just sitting in a chair at the top of the hill making sure no one enters the festival without a wristband. We’re scheduling three people at a time for this position so that you can trade off & take a break during your shift. You will have a full view of the festival and all of the music from this position. If working the last shift you may be asked to help clean up the lawn after your shift.

Shifts are from 12-4, 4-8, and 8-11.


Beer Tickets – 

This position will work in a team of four to sell beer tickets & water. You will be expected to make change and use an iPad to handle these transactions. You will not have to check IDs. Anyone who is 21+ will receive a special wristband at the gate when they check-in. You may have to stand for extended periods of time. The first shift will help set-up the booth and the last shift will help break it down.

Shift is from 7-11. (pm)


Beer Service – 

This position requires a lot of standing, and not much time to take a break. Please keep this in mind. Volunteers who handle beer service will need to check for wristbands, take beer tickets, and serve beer. We may have some beer in cans, but for the most part it will be on draft. This is a fast paced position, but certainly a fun one.

Shift is from 7-11 (pm)