A Song & A Sip – Red Shoes & Rosin

Knoxville’s own newfangled string band Red Shoes & Rosin takes inspiration from old-time, traditional and folk music as well as old houses, home-cooked food, odd jobs and weird neighbors. This performance, from Rhythm & Blooms 2013, features the groups’s “Don’t Throw Sticks.”

These southern ladies might look sweet, but they are tough as nails. You can hear their tunes on WDVX, and look for them to perform at the upcoming Meadow Lark Music Festival, June 25, 2016.

There’s nothing like listening to some incredible music, while enjoying a spirited beverage.

We’re excited to share this new blog series, A Song & A Sip, which is brought to you in part from our friends at Sugarlands Distilling Company. Each week, they share a great drink recipe as part of their #WhatToDrinkWednesday, and we thought it would be fun to pair the drinks with an amazing music performance.

Just like the ladies of Red Shoes & Rosin, this week’s drink recipe is sweet, but strong.

The Shirley Tom

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1.25 oz Jim Toms Unaged Rye
.75 oz Triple Sec
5 oz Cherry Soda

Build ingredients over ice. Garnish with an orange twist and maraschino cherry. Enjoy!