All Over the Road was founded by Knoxville News Sentinel writer Mike Flannagan in the early years of WDVX. Upon his passing, friends Wayne Bledsoe and Mary Lou Cameron were invited to carry on the program’s legacy. The show has since developed into a musical free-for-all with special weekly guest performers and friends stopping by to join in the fun, with Wayne Bledsoe and Melissa Caldwell as hosts. All Over the Road is dedicated to playing good music no matter the genre and giving listeners a good time no matter the circumstances.

All Over the Road airs on Saturday Nights, from Midnight until Sunday 4 a.m.

Hosted by

Wayne Bledsoe

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Raised in Knoxville, Wayne Bledsoe grew up listening to Hank Williams on 78-rpm records, James Brown’s Knoxville-based soul radio station WJBE, as well as rock and folk music of the 1960s and 70s. His musical taste knows few prejudices and he doggedly aspires to smash the prejudices of those around him.

Melissa Caldwell

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Born in Charleston, SC, Melissa put down some Knoxville roots in her early childhood when she spent many formative evenings at the Jubilee Center… More