#PeopleOfWDVX – Spotlight on the Goodalls

Here at WDVX, it really is all about community. And there are so many folks in this great community who have helped us keep the music going. We’re excited to feature some of them on our blog, and tell a little bit more of their stories. For this edition of #PeopleOfWDVX, we’re shining a spotlight on the Goodalls – event volunteers and now coordinating the monthly live show production of Kidstuff! 

Name: John, Sue, Judah and Asha Goodall

Goodall WDVX

Sue, Judah and Asha Goodall


Hometown: We are originally from upstate NY, but moved to Knoxville almost 6 years ago.

John & Sue

Sue & John manning the table at Rhythm N’ Blooms


What made you want to get involved with WDVX? We started taking the kids to the Blue Plate when they were small (Asha was 18 months old and Judah was 3). We packed up the pretzels and the water bottles and crossed our fingers. They loved it, and eventually, Asha would show off any new pair of boots that she had to Red Hickey. Having had the opportunity to introduce the kids to live music at such a young age has made them into great audience members (and sometimes thoughtful music critics).

After spending so much time at events and listening at home, we decided that we’d get involved. Liz Lyons, the volunteer coordinator, has been great at encouraging all of us to volunteer, and the station staff has always been incredibly welcoming to the entire family.

Goodall Mayfield

Asha & Judah Goodall with David Mayfield


What is your favorite thing about WDVX? The eclecticism of the music that is played on air and the sheer amount of live music WDVX makes accessible to the community.


Asha Goodall in the WDVX Camper


Favorite WDVX show/program? We have a running joke, that although the kids do like to listen to Kidstuff with Sean McCullough, they really love Doug Lauderdale’s show Rumble. The adults like Rumble, too, but also like to stay up late on Mondays and listen to The New Show when Sam is in town. Katie’s Category Stomp is also a favorite. And of course the live shows like the Blue Plate Special and Tennessee Shines are even better when we get to attend in person.

Asha Bombadil

Asha & Bombadil

What does music mean to you/your family?
We’ve really tried to raise our kids surrounded by music of all sorts whether it be live or recorded. For us music is important, not just as entertainment, but as cultural and social history.

We are very lucky to be surrounded by the richness of the music of the southeast in general, and the Southern Appalachians specifically. The kids play instruments and the parents wish they had learned instruments at the kids’ ages!

Favorite thing to do in East Tennessee? We love to flatwater kayak, hike in the Urban Wilderness and see as much live music as possible. We’ve also started hosting house shows recently so that’s definitely a favorite activity.Judah Mic

Favorite musicians to see in concert? David Mayfield, Bombadil, Ray Wylie Hubbard, The Tillers, the Lonetones, but there are so many!

Why do you think other folks should get involved with WDVX, either as members or volunteers? The simplest answer is the catch phrase “to keep the good music going” – but more specifically, community radio means just that, a community of listeners and volunteers banding together for a common good. And if WDVX isn’t a common good, I’m not sure what is!

A BIG thanks to Sue Goodall for answering our questions. And thanks to this incredible family for being so passionate about everything we do here at WDVX. We couldn’t keep the music going without folks like this.