Freddy Smith

Freddy Smith

Born the third child of ten on December 28, 1958, Freddy Smith was half raised in Knox County. He says it was just half raised because he ran off and got married before his parents had the chance to finish with him, but he wants to note that they did the best they could with what they had.

He graduated from high school in Knoxville in four terms. The terms were Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Ford. His degree is about 98.6 and he has a black belt, and a brown belt that he swaps out depending on what he happens to be wearing.

Freddy loves people and good music. His great love for bluegrass brought him to WDVX as a volunteer and he was later invited to host the Rise-N-Shine show.

“I love my job & the listeners are great. They just love the music like I do. I am a big fan of WDVX and proud to be a part of what the station does for East Tennessee. WDVX brings a slew of music lovers together with the format we offer. When I’m not at the station I am a self-employed construction worker specializing in home repair and remodeling. I enjoy church and church functions. I have one other hobby, raising chickens!”

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