An Extra Helping of the BPS Road Show Featuring The South Carolina Broadcasters Performing “Things in Life”

The South Carolina Broadcasters recently took the stage at our first in a series of Blue Plate Special Road Shows. The Open Chord Live Music Venue/Café/Music Store/School Of Music in West Knoxville was our gracious host while the downtown Blue Plate Stage is being remodeled. The South Carolina Broadcasters play southern music at its finest with razor sharp harmonies, and exceptional multi-instrumentation and song selection. The trio of David Sheppard on guitar, and Andy Edmonds and Ivy Sheppard on fiddles, banjos, and more, put their own spin on the music of the foothills. In this video, we get a preview of what we’ll hear on their upcoming (March 2017) release, “We’ll Sing Once More” with a tune called “Things In Life”.

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