An Extra Helping of the BPS Road Show Featuring Dave Eggar with Hammerstep Performing “B-Boy Jam”

The Blue Plate Special Road Shows continue, as remodeling progresses on our downtown stage. Barley’s Knoxville was the location this week, and Dave Eggar brought his band – along with the dance crew Hammerstep. Dave moves seamlessly between all genres, whether classical, reggae, bluegrass, jazz, pop, or world music. Hammerstep consists of a diverse group of elite performers from a variety of disciplines, including: Irish, Tap, Hip Hop, Martial Arts, Stepping and Capoeira. Here, Hammerstep crew members step out in front of Dave’s band with some B-Boying – a highly demanding dance, both physically and mentally. Discover more about Dave Eggar at and learn about Hammerstep at

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