An Extra Helping of the BPS Road Road Show featuring the Tune Junkies “Welcome Poor Paddy Home”

In our fourth road show while the Knoxville Visitor’s Center performance area is being remodeled, the Blue Plate Special traveled to the historic Grove Theater in Oak Ridge to help kick off the 9th Annual Tune Junkie Weekend. Tune Junkie Weekend is a lively celebration of Irish traditional music, dance and culture, and is open to musicians and music-lovers of all ages and levels. Festivities include dance and music workshops, storytelling, tasty regional food & drink, sessions, and a concert highlighting Scottish and Irish musicians from all over the southeast. The Tune Junkie musicians in this video are made up of instructors and organizers of the event, and they perform “Welcome Poor Paddy Home”, sung by Jason Herrera. The other players are Chad Beauchaine, Rick Hall, Gil Draper, Beanie Odell, Randy Clapper, and Kari Lapins. Learn more about Tune Junkie Weekend at and Discover the history of The Grove Theater at

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