An Extra Helping of the Blue Plate Special – The Local Honeys “The Beattyville Bomber”

The Local Honeys is a duo consisting of Linda Jean Stokley and Montana Hobbs, both from Kentucky. They are the first women to graduate with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Traditional Music from Morehead State University. Linda Jean and Montana are dedicated to keeping the music of the mountains alive, especially the songs and stories by both living and late artists from Kentucky and the Appalachian region. Their new album, “Little Girls Actin’ Like Men”, has just been released, and includes this Montana penned tune, called “The Beattyville Bomber” (Freida). She sings lead vocal on this one, and the ladies explain that they “…are not convinced of our fictitious Freida’s damnation and applaud her for her bravery to do what has to be done as a woman in this big ole goofy world”.
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