An Extra Helping of the Blue Plate Special : Fly By Night Rounders “Mama Don’t Allow”

The Fly By Night Rounders, stringband veterans of the Asheville, NC busking scene, recently visited the Blue Plate Special. And for an extra-special treat, accompanying Rounders Chris Rodrigues (guitar) and Vaden Landers (banjo) was Abby The Spoon Lady. They closed their set with their version of this tune, “Mama Don’t Allow”, which is sometimes credited to Charles “Cow Cow”Davenport, back in 1929. We say whoever wrote it would be proud when they heard this! You can find out lots more about the Fly By Night Rounders and Abby The Spoon Lady on the web at:…… , and
The WDVX Blue Plate Special is a live performance radio show held at noon, Monday through Saturday, at the WDVX studio inside the Knoxville Visitor’s Center. Come and play your part as an audience member in the radio show that’s popular worldwide! Listen live at Follow us on Facebook at See more live performances and subscribe to our YouTube channel at:…

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