Thank you for your support during our spring fund drive!

With over 62 percent of our entire operating budget coming solely from individual donors and local businneses, we rely heavily on your help to keep us on the air. Did you donate during the fund drive? We will be mailing premium items out in the next few weeks, so stay tuned (and keep your eyes on that mailbox!).

Interested in becoming one of our $20 for 20 sustainers?! This year, we’re offering a special premium item for those who choose to support us with a $20 monthly donation. These donors will receive a 5-song monthly download from several different labels, featuring some of the best and brightest of Americana music. Interested but have a few questions? Email Megan at to learn more!

Whether you decide to make a one-time donation or become a sustaining member, we appreciate your support and look forward to bringing you real live music for the next twenty years!