David Olney Tribute | Feature at 5 with Tony Lawson, RB Morris, Scott Miller | 1/20/2020

2 thoughts on “David Olney Tribute | Feature at 5 with Tony Lawson, RB Morris, Scott Miller | 1/20/2020”

  1. Trish Lewis says:

    Dave’s not here, man. R.I.P.

  2. Van Holton says:

    Wow, what a question, usually asked of me by someone of import in the personal realm. But, since you asked, FB, I will tell you what is on my mind. It is a huge pile this morning. First, however, I must deal with a huge hole in the middle of this pile. A divot cut deep.

    Yesterday, I drove 12 and a half highway hours to be back in a homeworld of the dogs, loose ends at work and the new house, preparations for an impending first House Concert of 2020 and the presence of my wonderful balance-of-life-partner…. Coming from a yearly trek to what has become a world-class gathering of artists and aesthetes who spread and share music and Love over 20 miles of bars, restaurants, boathouses converted into intimate stages across East/West stretch of highway 30A along the NW Gulf Coast of Florida.

    Back to the “divot”. Sometime around 2010, I was walking around downtown in my then-dilapidated hometown one early evening. As I approached a rare after-sundown enclave of life on Main Street, the White Hart coffee shop, where kids leave the jurisdiction of the RAs and dorm rooms and libraries on campus to sit among friends to do their homework, or not do their homework. There was a man standing outside on the sidewalk in a shapo, elegantly dressed in tweed, messing with his flip phone. I walked inside to take a curious look around for I noticed the man’s picture on a notice taped to the glass on the door there. Inside was a guy with a long beard dressed in Western togs from another era, setting up instruments. The place was full of college folks and a few others who had wandered in for coffee or a bottled beer (for those who had ID). I know the town and its culture. Typically, we like music in the room at bars and such but, two things; we don’t pay for it and second, we yak with our friends, over the ambience. I thought; this duo with their distinguished sharp looks and high-shelf equipment (including an antique Telecaster wiith the name “Preciosa” carved in the body enamel AND a bull horn laying on a stool) may have made a wrong turn somewhere. I walked back to see if the guy out front was finished with his telephone. He was. I introduced myself and he told me his name was David. Engaging, I told him he and his buddy were in for a challenge, for everybody sitting inside were here to see their friends and do their homework only. He quickly said, “its okay, we’ve got volume”. Hmmm, I thought, and went in, got a beer and found a seat. Long story short, NOBODY got their homework done that night!
    A riveting show and drama called: Life of David Olney!
    David and Sergio Webb went on to play our Village Concerts Series many times. For this, Polly King and I are rich.
    Thank you, FB for indulging me here as this hole in my mind and heart is beginning to fill with this richness of being around David, Sergio, Will, Scott, Grayson, Ross, Mary, Laura, Kagey, Bryan, Bernice, Trent, Matt, Darrell,… all of whom choose to practice the art of getting out of their own individual ways to share gifts of talents and shine a bright light upon the hungry souls and hearts who long to understand the meaning of this fabulous experience called Life on Planet Earth!
    David Olney, thank you for enriching the Live Theater of our Hearts. Peace

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