Bullet Backstory – Steve Horton

Image via Bill Foster Photography – billfosterphotos.com

Bullet Backstory is a new series we’ve started here on the WDVX blog. It shares bullet point facts to provide some backstory about a person in his or her own words. For this edition of “Bullet Backstory” we sat down with Steve Horton, founder of the Bob Dylan’s Birthday Bash.

  • When did the Birthday Bash become a fundraiser for WDVX? Bob Dylan’s Birthday Bash hooked up with WDVX in 2009, the fifth year of the event.  I spoke with Roger Harb and asked if the station might be interested.  He talked with Tony Lawson and they agreed to move forward.
  • What made you want to get involved with the radio station? Why do you like supporting it? WDVX is the only station in the area that explores roots music…folk, bluegrass, blues, Americana.  They are unique.
  • What are your biggest musical influences? I was lit up by “folk music.”  As a friend of mine says, “the folk scare” of the sixties made me aware of music beyond the Perry Como and Tennessee Ernie Ford albums my parents listened to. Folk music introduced me to blues, bluegrass, mountain music, Cajun…the core of what makes up Americana today.
  • What advice do you have for young musicians who are trying to hone their craft? 
    Practice? Sure. But don’t forget to have Fun! And listen to Everything!
  • What’s your favorite thing to do in Knoxville? Go out and hear live music.  if you can’t stay out late, there’s always the Blue Plate Special at lunchtime.
  • What’s different about this year’s Bash? They are the youngest artists we’ve had in the lineup.  I think they’re 14.  Getting young artists involved has been a consideration from the beginning.  At the first Dylan’s BD Bash in 2007 at the Laurel Theater, Dana Paul brought his sons with him…the youngest was 18.  At the second Dylan’s Bash at the ET History Center, my son, Will played with Cooper Hardison when they were both 17.  And the Black Cadillacs played the 3rd Bash, also at the History Center.
  • Any last words about the Bob Dylan’s Birthday Bash?  It’s Friday, it’s Free! And it’s a Great Party!