Bullet Backstory with Shimmy & the Burns


Shimmy & the Burns are joining us on the Blue Plate Special with host Red Hickey on October 20th at noon. This event is free to the public and will be held at the Knoxville Visitor Center. In the meantime, enjoy this Bullet Backstory from Shimmy & the Burns. They were gracious enough to answer our questions for this regular feature on the WDVX blog.

  • Biggest musical influences? Probably the biggest influence on the sound of the band is Neil Young. He has done so many different things and explored so many different sounds but they are all distinctly Neil. We really like the idea of being able to play a straight up traditional sounding country song, followed by a rock song or a folk tune and have them sound like they all belong together or being able to blend any or all of those styles in a song. Not saying it works when we do it but it is the goal. Neil also has a really unique and technically, not good, way of singing and playing guitar which is really inspiring. It shows you don’t have to be a technical virtuoso to make incredibly interesting and impassioned music. We have also had critics and audience members compare us to John Prine and Tom Waits which makes sense because they are both very high on our list of other influences.
  • What made you decide to pursue music as a career? Our day jobs are less than satisfying!
  • What advice do you have for young musicians who are trying to hone their craft? Don’t wait to get started. Go see as many live shows as you can and practice as much as you can afford to.
  • What’s your favorite thing to do in Knoxville? Hang around Downtown and pretend we can afford to actually live down there…
  • If you could work with any musician (living or deceased) who would it be and why? Todd Snider. That guy is a hoot.
  • Anything else you would like to share? Favorite WDVX memory, etc? Back at the beginning of the year of our Lord, 2016, there was a mighty blizzard in Knoxville. We all made our way down to the Blue Plate Special through 5 feet of nonexistent snow to see Fred Eaglesmith and his Traveling Steam Show… Then we ate burritos with BBQ pork in them. It ruled.

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