Bullet Backstory with Muddy Ruckus


Muddy Ruckus is joining us on the Blue Plate Special with host Red Hickey on October 17th at noon. This event is free to the public and will be held at the Knoxville Visitor Center. In the meantime, enjoy this Bullet Backstory from Muddy Ruckus. They were gracious enough to answer our questions for this regular feature on the WDVX blog.

  • Biggest musical influences? That’s a tough one, but i’m a child of the Blues, Rock-n-roll and Jazz. I also really love music from other parts of the world, like India and South America. I love Latin music and I love classical music. I’m influenced by so much I have learned I can’t narrow it down to just a few names or styles.
  • What made you decide to pursue music as a career? Well it was more like what made me decide to play music. The career part came to be in other ways. I’ve been playing music ever since I can remember. I traveled the entire country and other parts of the world to learn everything I could about the music I love. I was playing so much I couldn’t keep my hours at my day job so I had to choose between a steady day job as a laborer and landscaper, or a musician. I chose musician. I still do plenty of work at home and in other situations, but for now, and luckily, music is pulling me through the work game.
  • What advice do you have for young musicians who are trying to hone their craft? Don’t let your ego get in the way. Play with as many people as you can. Become friends with as many musicians as you can. Be true to yourself. Don’t forget why you want to play music. Learn from the greats, seek out those that are better than you and learn from them. As long as you are a musician, you will learn. Inspiration can be fueled by increasing knowledge and pleasure of life and art.
  • What’s your favorite thing to do in Knoxville? My favorite thing to do in Knoxville, is to relax, visit old friends and walk around the Fort (Sanders). I used to live in Knoxville before moving up to Maine. I enjoy just chilling out. It’s a lovely town.
  • Anything else you would like to share? We have a brand new album and we are working on another one… so we have lots of new material we have written and can’t wait to play it for ya’ll live. This will be Muddy Ruckus’ third time touring through Knoxville. We will also touch down through Washington D.C, North Carolina, Texas, New Orleans, Birmingham, AL, Illinois, and New York on this run. But we are extra excited to get back to WDVX Blue Plate Special and Preservation Pub on Oct 17th!

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