Bullet Backstory with Megan Jean and the KFB


Megan Jean and the KFB is joining us on the Blue Plate Special with host Red Hickey on September 28th at noon. This event is free to the public and will be held at the Knoxville Visitor Center. In the meantime, enjoy this Bullet Backstory from Megan Jean herself. She was gracious enough to answer our questions for this regular feature on the WDVX blog.

Take it away Megan Jean!

  • Biggest musical influences: necessity, injury, and jazz.
  • What made you decide to pursue music as a career: we used to get fired a lot for playing gigs, so we just started playing gigs. Also, it’s the greatest job ever. Lots of free chips.
  • Advice for young musicians: Don’t count your bricks before you build your castle, or you’ll never have enough. Don’t wait for ideal circumstances to create your art. Just do it over and over with what you’ve already got.
    I’d like to give you my husband and band mate’s answer for why we pursued music as a career: have you ever worked? It’s terrible. But you don’t work music, you play it. Much better.
  • Work with any musician: Freddy Mercury. I’m a vocalist and I’d love to see how he worked on his vocal arrangements in the studio. I’d just pick his brain about vocals all day and then sing harmonies 15 feet back in awe.
  • Anything else you want to share: Our road dog is a chihuahua named Arriba McEntire. She’s a country super star!