Bullet Backstory Featuring the Lonetones


East Tennessee’s Own WDVX has been bringing you Real Live Music from the heart of Downtown Knoxville for more than a decade on the WDVX Blue Plate Special… As we head into the new year, the building that houses the Blue Plate Special stage is being remodeled to create a more useful and comfortable space for visitors and Blue Plate Special attendees. This means our live noontime shows will be taking a break through February 2017. You will still hear Blue Plate programming and live in- studios on your radio, and we are planning Blue Plate Special Road Shows throughout our community… the first one is January 13th at the Open Chord in West Knoxville, featuring The Lonetones and the The South Carolina Broadcasters… For updates and information on Blue Plate Special Road Shows, stay tuned to WDVX and WDVX.com In the meantime, enjoy this Bullet Backstory from Steph Gunnoe of The Lonetones. She was gracious enough to answer our questions for this regular feature on the WDVX blog.

Take it away Steph!

  • Biggest musical influences?It probably goes without saying, but I’d say we all share that endless fascination with pioneers of any music, folks that dig deep for original sounds and voices: Bill Monroe, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Neil Young, Billie Holiday, David Bowie, The Pixies.  But also maybe overlap in more personal faves like Michael Hurley, Wilco, ELO, Hazel Dickens.
  • What made you decide to pursue music as a career? Seems like musicians’ minds are just trained on obsessing over patterns of melody and rhythm, and themes. You just keep following those threads through your life, whether it pays the bills or not.
  • What advice do you have for young musicians who are trying to hone their craft? Listen to lots of music but also spend time in silence so you can make way for new sounds.
  • What’s your favorite thing to do in Knoxville? Love the outdoors here, hiking the Urban Wilderness and enjoying the quarry swimming scene in South Knoxville. Always love having access to Knoxville’s amazing music scene.
  • If you could work with any musician (living or deceased) who would it be and why? Knoxville has enough musical talent for a lifetime of collaborations. I fantasize about writing a musical and utilizing so many of the musicians, actors and artists I admire in this town.
  • Anything else you would like to share? Favorite WDVX memory, etc? I will never forget driving down I75, being on Jellico Mountain and hearing WDVX for the first time. Being in those mountains while getting to hear some beautiful old bluegrass songs that a very young Alex Leach was spinning. I knew I had found my new home. One of our first (and coziest!) gigs was playing on Local Licks at Six with Grace in the camper. Over the years, WDVX has been such a nurturing force in supporting and helping to develop the Knoxville music scene and beyond.