Bullet Backstory – David Dwyer

It’s time for another edition of the WDVX Bullet Backstory, and this time we’re sharing the backstory of David Dwyer. If he looks familiar, it’s because you’ve probably seen him on the big screen, acting in films such as “The Blind Side” or “Selma.” Dwyer calls Maryville home and is a friend of WDVX, who helps host Bob Dylan’s Birthday Bash.

We hope you enjoy learning more of his backstory!


Dwyer, with his wife Marilyn on the bridge in Selma

  • How did you get involved with the Dylan Birthday Bash? With friends like Stevo Horton, who needs enemies? I was actually honored to be their first emcee and get to share my love of “Bob” with everyone who came to that fledgling effort. And with subsequent gatherings at the World’s Fair Park and now on Market Square linked up with WDVX, the PARTY has grown and become so inclusive. It’s also great to work with Steve Dupree when he doesn’t have to memorize any lines- the things that can come out of his mouth.
  • Why do you think events like this are important to our community? It is OUR community and we have to take ownership. Use it or lose it.
  • What’s your favorite thing to do for fun in East Tennessee? Swim in our beautiful waters with my wife and dog and groove and dance to the excellent sounds available throughout the area.
  • East Tennessee has so many talented people – from musicians to artists, and actors. What advice do you have for young actors who are trying to hone their craft? Find like minded people, practice, learn and have fun. Take criticism well. Have different monologues in your back pocket for appropriate occasions and don’t be afraid to use them.
  • Do you have any projects in the works that you’d like to share? OR Any favorite memories of projects you’ve worked on over the years? Was very proud to be a small part of SELMA a while ago. Still putting my best foot forward with movie /TV auditions and in life. Happy to be doing more VO’s and working in my shop on wooden lamps when home.

DD Selma

Thanks David for answering our questions, and thanks for helping us keep the music going!