The Fall Fund Drive is in Full Swing!


WDVX Fall Fund Drive: Real. Live. Music.

Keepin’ It Real on WDVX!

Fall 2016 Fund Drive – November 12th through 18th, 2016


To donate online, use the link above – or call us at 865.544.1029 today!

Thanks to your investment in WDVX, the station has made big steps in the past few months!

• Katie Cauthen has been added as WDVX’s new program director.
• Station founder Tony Lawson has returned to WDVX airwaves.
• WDVX is in the process of installing new equipment to improve the connection between studios.

Real. Live. Music.


Real Hosts:

“I start out my day listening to bluegrass with the chicken man, and long about lunchtime I’m listening to a live show on the Blue Plate Special, then on my drive home I’m listening to Americana … and they pull all of this off by listener supported funds. How cool is that?
Love me some WDVX!”
– Lorraine


Real Local:

“It’s so awesome to have a radio station that plays so many of your friends’ music on it.”
– Susan

Real Music:

“Had a wonderful time! Took our 12 year old who plays/loves bluegrass and it was a wonderful experience for him!”
– Bill and Jenny

Real Special:

“It’s a true American gem right here in our very own Knoxville, TN. Big thanks from Loudon County.”
– James

Keep Real Live Music Goin’ Year Round — Become a WDVX Sustainer!


Musician Jay Clark is a WDVX Sustainer.

“Thanks to WDVX, local artists like myself are able to pursue a legitimate career in music knowing that we have the support of the radio station & all the Americana music fans across East Tennessee. Although I appreciate WDVX spinning my records and asking my to perform, I am a WDVX supporter because I love Americana roots music & the community that has been created by the station.”

Become a sustainer for as little as $5.00 per month.

Your monthly support lets WDVX focus less on fundraising and more on programming. Have some questions about becoming a WDVX sustainer? Contact Megan Lange at to learn more!

For a one time-donation, catch us on-air from Saturday, November 12th through Friday, November 18th or donate here. Are you located outside of the United States? If so, please go here for our alternate donation site!

DarrellScottAre you a fan of our thumb drives? Check out the line up for Thumb Drive Ten!

• Darrell Scott – BPS April 2016
• Marty Raybon – World Class Bluegrass at Bijou March 2015
• Mandolin Orange – Live interview at Concourse October 2016
• Tami Nielson – BPS September 2016
• The Vivants (Alex Leach on banjo) – BPS July 2016
• Verlon Thompson – BPS April 2016
• Dori Freeman – BPS April 2016
• Miss Tess – BPS September 2016
• Matt Kinman – BPS May 2016
• Guy Marshall – BPS November 2016
• Royal Hounds – BPS March 2016
• Eli Fox – BPS April 2016
• Bill and the Belles – Merlefest 2016 Addison Sessions