A Song & A Sip – Four Leaf Peat

St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow and in honor of the holiday, we’re featuring a great tune by Four Leaf Peat, East Tennessee’s premier Traditional Irish Band! The group, made up of Chad Beauchaine, Gil Draper, Rick Hall, and Jason Herrera, has been playing together for more than ten years.

Music in the traditional Irish style includes lively dance tunes and soulful ballads. Four Leaf Peat’s shows combine tradition with the culture and influences of East Tennessee. In fact, the band’s unique sound comes from its members and their wide range of musical backgrounds. Four Leaf Peat is our featured performer on the Blue Plate Special this Thursday, March 17th. Plus, they’ll also be playing Thursday night in a St. Patricks’ Day Celebration at The Square Room.

We hope you enjoy this spirited performance of Welcome Poor Paddy Home (recorded live at Rhythm N’ Blooms in 2014). Video courtesy of LiveandBreathing.

And in the meantime, we also hope you enjoy this week’s spirited beverage recipe, which incorporates the luck of the Irish.

This is the latest in our blog series, A Song & A Sip, which is brought to you in part from our friends at Sugarlands Distilling Company.

Each week, they share a great drink recipe as part of their #WhatToDrinkWednesday, and we thought it would be fun to pair the drinks with an amazing music performance.

The Cucumber Clover:
Screenshot 2016-03-15 at 10.52.06 PM
1.5 oz Mint Condition Moonshine
2 Cucumber Wheels
Muddle 2 cucumber wheels in a glass. Add ice and top with your favorite non-alcoholic lemonade. Optional cucumber to garnish.