2016 WDVX | Ijams Meadow Lark Wrap Up


Thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed the 2016 WDVX | Ijams Meadow Lark Music Festival! From our great staff and volunteers, to the incredible musicians and all the amazing fans, the entire day was such a memorable experience.

We asked you to share your feedback about the event, and we promised a wrap-up post based on what you shared. If you have other thoughts or anything you’d like to share about Meadow Lark, please email info@wdvx.com.

First of all, more than 56% of our survey respondents answered that you thought Meadow Lark was awesome and you wouldn’t do anything differently. More than 43% of you said the festival was great and there were only a few things you might do differently.

As for your favorite thing about the festival, many folks said they loved the venue and the music (so did we!). You also mentioned appreciating the atmosphere, the clean restrooms, food variety options and cold beer. Some of you noted that everyone was so friendly, and the process to volunteer was easy and fun. We are glad you feel this way and we LOVE our volunteers.

13521913_10153711730685754_579550303931222994_nAs for things you might change about the festival, the number one thing you mentioned was the heat (we know, it was HOT!). Some of you suggested having the festival during a different month in the year. And some of you suggested making more shaded areas for the event.

Some of you mentioned that there was confusion about the shuttle from Downtown Knoxville. We apologize for any confusion you may have had. We tried to get the word out about this new aspect of the event, but as with anything new, sometimes it takes time for the info to make its way around. Others of you asked about a general festival t-shirt, and we’ve added that to our planning notes for future events!

We were hoping for more constructive criticism in the survey, but what can we say…the folks who responded seem to have glowing things to share. If you have any additional thoughts about Meadow Lark or if you didn’t get a chance to answer the survey, please share a comment on this blog post with your feedback.

Check out these great photos from Meadow Lark – for more pictures from the festival visit our Facebook Page.